Welcome to my identity page!

Here you can find info about how I view myself. Please be respectful; I'm well aware that all this terminology can be very confusing, but you don't have to understand any of this if you're not interested. This page is mainly here because I like making LISTS!!!!


My true name is Hal, though i'm also trying the name Finn out as a middle name (short for Finnley) if you'd like to refer to me as that. I've gone by many names in the past, and while I will list them here for identification purposes, please don't call me any of these names anymore.

OLD NAMES: holly, melon, jevil, spamton, dim
OLD USERS: robotunicorn150, monstercool22, jammertime4120, citrullusclownbird, trashyjest, charmingmagician, glace hancks

My prefered pronouns are he/him only. Please do not use they/them for me.


My kins are purely psychological. You can ask whatever if you're interested.

I don't take my own kins super seriously, so doubles are okay. Please do not call me by any of my kin's names unless specifically stated. My IDs are canon divergent.

Kinning ≠ supporting. While I do kin from source material I enjoy, that doesnt apply to every kin.

I'm prone to flicking when hyperfixating on characters.

This list is in no particular order and is updated sporadically. Hover over images for more information.

You can 100% tease me about my kins. I get it. Jeff the killer is on there.

good info sources
alter-humanity carrd, fictkinhelp terminology, neurodiverse carrd


pride flags!


i dont believe i am or were these species. its complicated but thats okay its my life


fictional characters that directly see myself as. aka i am them and they are me


fictional characters i relate to, but dont directly see myself as. aka he just like me fr