finn is a transgender man
finn has adhd
flame princess is genderfluid
princess bubblegum is an agender intersex bi lesbian
marceline and bubblegum were both comphet before they met eachother
marceline is a bi lesbian
marceline is blasian
simon and betty are t4t lesbians
fern has both adhd and autism
kel is a transgender man
sunny is a bisexual boygirl
sunny is autistic
sunny and mari are asian american
kel and hero are mixed latino
omori is comphet


finn wears a binder
fern has top surgery scars
fern has a tail
ferns body changes color during different seasons
the streak of white in simons hair formed when he first put on the crown and is part of his essential form


the four elements plus lumps represent the 5 stages of grief
candy is denial, fire is anger, slime is bargaining, ice is depression, lumps are acceptance
bartram is farmworld bmo
kel is short for kelsy


finn and fern are brothers


grass flinn (fern x flame princess)
petrigrof (simon x betty)
gumlee (gumball x marshal lee)
jasmo (jake x prismo)
prohibitedwish (prismo x scarab)
bubbline (bubblegum x marceline)
frusan (frieda x susan strong)